Friday, September 14, 2007

... Not Tested On Animals

OK ... this one has me really confused. Over and over, on personal care products, I see the phrase "We do not test on animals."

I understand there is a very militant and violent faction of animal rights activists who would rather pillage, plunder, vandalize, and destroy animal testing labs. Hell, some of them don't really care if they hurt other people in the process. But the phrase "we do not test on animals" gives me NO comfort as a consumer.

Then how are these products tested to insure their safety? Obviously, the answer is on YOU AND ME! This phrase appears quite prominently on products from Perio-Distributing, Inc. out of Ohio. They are the makers of Barbasol shaving cream. This phrase also appears on products from Alberta-Culver, the makers of TreSemme haircare products and other personal care products, although it appears in the near-microscopic fine print on the bottle.

First, the last I checked, humans were also members of the animal kingdom. Top of the heap, the last I knew.

Secondly, if it comes down to a few lab mice, a rabbit, a dog ... whatever, versus me and my health and welfare ... I choose the former to have products tested on! Lab mice are bred for that specific purpose, so in my mind, there is no harm being done to the overall population of mice. Better a lab mouse than me! And, there are millions of other animals who meet their end daily in animal shelters, unwanted. At least something positive can come out of their demise, as they head over the Rainbow Bridge.

Don't get me wrong. I am definitely an animal lover. But I also like people, and don't think people should be turned into surrogate lab rats to pacify a militant faction of animal rights activists.

And ... face reality, folks ... there are much LARGER issues facing us in society than rather a few lab mice (bred for that purpose) meet their end helping to insure that the products we all use are safe for the marketplace and public consumption. Perhaps if the energy, drive and compassion possessed by the militant animal rights activists were directed towards these other social problems, this would be a much better world to live in.

Just my $0.02 worth ...


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

They DRIVE me MAD!

Stupid drivers ... that's what drives me mad!

I just gotta sound off about these morons who populate our roads.

Ever notice that, no matter how fast you are going, there is some moron who thinks he/she has to go even faster? You may be doing five or 10 mph over the speed limit yourself ... but there's that idiot who just HAS to be going five or 10 mph faster than you? And to top it off, he's weaving in and out of the lanes of traffic, with NO signal, causing a flurry of brake lights in his wake.

Of course, his counterpart is the idiot who drives five mph under the speed limit ... in the left lane! Nothing you do can get you around this "Einstein." You are trapped like a rat behind this idiot.

And you ever notice how some will drive without their lights on in heavy overcast conditions -- or after sunset? Or even worse yet, they drive with their parking lights on. HELLO?!?! There is a reason they call them "parking lights." If your car is in motion, you are not "parked." And if it's dark enough for them to turn on the "parking lights" just to see the instrument panel ... well, Mr. Spock, do you think it's dark enough that the rest of us might have a little trouble seeing you in the same darkness?? Your headlights aren't just for you to see with, but also so the rest of us can see you! Sounds logical, doesn't it???

And when did distortion become music? You pull up to the stoplight, and the tone-deaf (lmao, probably just DEAF) goober has the music cranked and the bass cranked to such a point that all you hear is the rattle of the car's body panels vibrating. While your tastes in music may include the latest, greatest pop artist to ever make music, not all of us share your opinion or your taste in music ... or the lack thereof. While it's nice that your mother taught you to share, it's highly unlikely that she meant sharing your music in such a manner.

Don't you just fall in love with the moron who pulls out in front of you ... and there isn't a soul in sight for three miles behind you? And to top it off, they proceed to poke along in front of you, leaving you with that familiar "trapped-like-a-rat" feeling now that you can't get around them.

Of course, one of my favorites is the lame-brain that thinks the brake pedal is a foot rest for his left foot. Trapped behind this idiot is a lesson in depth perception, as his brake lights are always on ... when he's accelerating, when he's decelerating, as he turns the corner, when he's stopped ... always! It's a brake pedal, not a foot rest! Brake with your right foot, Mr. Mush-for-brains! I bet a set of brake pads don't last you six months.

Can't you feel nothing but love for the moron who races up to a construction zone with the lane closed and expects you to let him slip into the line ahead of everyone else? Never mind that for the previous two miles, there have been 20 signs warning that the left lane was closed ahead. As far as I am concerned, this moron can just sit there until the road repairs have been completed! At least in some areas of the country, drivers are ticketed for this selfish and reckless act.

I know ... I'm rambling, but then I just had to say something!